When can I start my online course?

The ITT Technical Institutes operate on a 12-week quarter system. On-line courses can be accessed beginning at 12:01 on Monday in the first week of the quarter. Each academic week will run from noon on Monday through 11:59 a.m. the following Monday, Eastern Standard Time. Click here for a student calendar.

Do I have to be online at specific times?

There are deadlines for assignments and final exams, and online participation is required. Within these constraints, you can study, participate in discussions and complete your assignments whenever you wish.

Can I work ahead?

We typically try to keep the class working on the same general areas during any given week because of the importance of participation in the online learning environment.

What happens if my course is not accessible for some reason?

Our online course platform is very reliable. In the event of a technical problem in which the course is not accessible, provisions will be made to accommodate students depending on the severity and length of the inaccessibility. If you experience problems with your own computer, or Internet service provider, contact your instructor and academic support coordinator, if necessary.

How will I be graded?

You will be graded on assignments and quizzes throughout the course, participation and based on your final exam. Final exams will only represent 15% to 25% of the course grade, depending on the course. Read the Grading section in your course syllabus for more information.

Can I review material prior to taking my final exam?

One of the best features of an online course is that course material is available 24 hours a day throughout the course. In most courses, the final week of each course is devoted to review. Your instructor is also available to answer questions.

What happens if I miss a week?

Every student must meet the course attendance and participation requirements. For online courses, attendance means participating in class communications and activities electronically over the Internet. Be sure to immediately notify your instructor if your usual login schedule is disrupted. The ITT Technical Institute will monitor this participation. Failure to participate can result in the school identifying you as absent from the class communication or activity of the course. After the appropriate number of days (specified by class) you will be automatically withdrawn from the course. See the Withdrawals section.

Will I take my final exam online?

Yes, if required for your course.